How to find slope of straight line

How to find slope of straight line: The slope of a line is a measure of the incline of the line. A positive slope indicates a line that goes UP from left to right. This line has a positive slope. A negative slope indicates that a line goes DOWN if ...
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how to find equation of slopes twp points slope formula

Find equation of straight line: points, slope, formula

This worksheet explains how to find the equation of a straight line. There are three common ways to find equation of straight line in the form y = mx + c. By: finding the slope (m) and y-intercept (c), using the two-point method, or using the point-slope formula. The straight ...
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share money in the ration 1 : 4

Ratio to percentage, fraction and decimal worksheet

The ratio shows how parts of a whole quantity are shared. In this worksheet, we’ll look at the ratio of two numbers and how to convert the parts of a ratio to fraction, percentage and decimal. This work is ideal for Years 6, 7 or 8 students. The steps are ...
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Grade 8 Mathc Exam Practice Papers Download

How to use password to get maths exam papers

How to use a password to download maths exam papers. There are two categories of Grade 8 Past Papers: 1) Past (OLD) Papers (2009 - 2014) 2) Latest (2015 - recent Papers) 1) How to download the OLD maths exam papers At the information page of the Mathematics Exam Resources ...
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