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School of Distance Education FODE Grade 11 and 12 Maths Booklets PDF

The PNG FODE (Flexible Open Distance Education) is a government institution that offers distance education programs to students across the country. The institution provides quality education to students who are unable to attend traditional classrooms due to various reasons. One of the significant programs offered by the institution is the School of Distance Education for […]

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Download Grade 10 Mathematics Textbook PDF

If you are a Grade 10 student studying through the online distance education program at FODE in Papua New Guinea, you may be wondering how to best study your Grade 10 Mathematics course. Fortunately, there are several resources available to you, including textbooks and online materials. In this article, we will focus on downloading the […]

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Grade 9 Maths Questions and Answers Booklet PDF

Are you a Grade 9 student taking mathematics via the distance learning mode? Are you looking for resources that can help you improve your maths skills? Then the Grade 9 Maths Questions and Answers FODE Course Booklet PDF is for you. The FODE (Flexible Open Distance Education) program in Papua New Guinea provides access to […]

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FODE Grade 8 Exam Papers Course Booklet

For Grade 8 students pursuing distance learning courses with FODE Education, having access to past exam papers, course booklet and outline is essential. This article aims to provide FODE Grade 8 students with information about the mathematics curriculum, core units/strands, and material aids available for their studies. Maths Resources for Grade 8 Distance Learning The […]

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Download FODE Education Grade 7 Course Booklet PDF

FODE Education offers distance learning programs to students in Papua New Guinea. FODE offers a variety of subjects, including mathematics, science, and English. For students who are enrolled in Grade 7 mathematics, FODE Education provides a coursework booklet that covers the entire year’s syllabus. This booklet is an excellent resource for students who are studying […]

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