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Solve Quadratic Equation by Factorising

It is concerning that many students shy away from Algebra because of the abstract nature of the topic. But Algebra, (especially Solve Quadratic Equation by Factorising), is an interesting and stimulating concept. If taught well, students can grasp the concept. Here are attempts on solving quadratic equations by factorising using the: ‘difference of two squares’ (example […]

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Algebra Exam Questions in Order of Difficulty

Algebra Exam Questions: Below is a collection of General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) exam questions. Students can use the questions as practice for exams. The Algebra exam questions are arranged in order of difficulty, from easy (I) to hard (IV). Each PDF contains exam questions that address the basic algebra building blocks. The step-by-step […]

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How to do Algebra

Algebra is often regarded by many primary and secondary school students as a challenging topic to learn in mathematics. In these examples, we’ll do the 4 parts to Patterns and Algebra by using simple exam questions as illustrations. ‘Simplify’ is commonly used in many exam questions. However, it may require you to find the value […]