2022 Grade 8 Maths Exam Paper Download PDF

Prepare for your Grade 8 Maths exam with our free 2022 past paper. This past paper includes a variety of questions on all the key topics, so you can be sure you’re well-prepared for the test.

Free Year 8 Maths Worksheet Proportionality

Download the Free Year 8 Maths Worksheet on Proportionality and other maths worksheets – get ready for your maths test. Find out how to use tables to represent direct proportion, use equations to represent direct proportion, use graphs to represent direct proportion, solve problems involving direct proportion

Forming and Solving Simultaneous Equations Year 8 Worksheet

find the equations of horizontal and vertical lines
draw graphs of linear equations
understand that the point of intersection is the solution for a pair of simultaneous equations
solve simultaneous equations using graphical method
solve simultaneous equations using substitution and elimination

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