Year 8 maths exam paper 2021 PDF

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Comments (31) on "Year 8 maths exam paper 2021 PDF"

  1. Can you email me answers keys for grade 8 examination papers year 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.
    Thank you

  2. Hey there PNG insight
    Can I have the 2020 math examination questions.
    I have the exams coming up and I need to revise some questions.
    Waiting for your prompt response.
    Thank you.

    1. I appreciate you trying to ask, but how about asking it nicely like this (being nice gets you things you want):

      ”Hello PNG Insight,

      I hope you’re doing well. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to access the 2020 maths examination questions. I have upcoming exams, and I believe these questions would greatly assist me in my preparation. I understand that your response time may vary, but I’m looking forward to your response whenever it’s convenient for you.

      Thank you very much for considering my request.

      Warm regards,”

  3. Hi PNG insight I would like to have the 2021 maths exam paper to Prepare myself for the upcoming exams I answered the question for the download and applied for access would you please send it

  4. Admin,
    Can I have answers for English exam for year 2015? My daughter has two more weeks before final examination. I would like to do revisions with her.

    Appreciate your prompt feedback.

    Thank you much!

  5. Team,
    Can I have maths paper for 2021 for my daughter’s revision exercise before sitting her grade 8 final examination?

    Thank you much for your help


  6. Good day Sir/Madam, I need grade 8 English ,Maths and Combine subject for 2021 exam paper questions to assist my son prepare for next year grade 8 exam, please.

  7. I would really love it if you could send me the 2021 exam paper, because I want my child to study for his exam next year since he is grade 7.

  8. Hi, good day Sir/Madam I kindly ask for grade 8 maths 2021 answers please. I received only question paper and my son is working on it, I need answer to correct it.


    1. The 2021 maths exam papers are for MOCK EXAM. We will NOT release the 2021 paper YET.
      We see a lot of requests, but do not worry…we will release it to you just before the national exams.

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