FODE Course Outlines

If you are a Distance and Learning student in Grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 you will find this FODE course outlines and the information useful. Your course tutors and instructors would have given the subject outlines to you before your course starts.

PNG Insight Maths resources compile the Math Unit/Course outlines in line with the FODE course modules to make it easier for you to access, anywhere, anytime.

PNG FODE School of Distance Education Grade 11 and Grade 12 Course Booklet PDF download

School of Distance Education FODE Grade 11 and 12 Maths Booklets PDF

The PNG FODE (Flexible Open Distance Education) is a government institution that offers distance education programs to students across the ...

FODE Grade 8 Exam Papers Course Booklet

For Grade 8 students pursuing distance learning courses with FODE Education, having access to past exam papers, course booklet and ...
FODE Education

Download FODE Education Grade 7 Course Booklet PDF

FODE Education offers distance learning programs to students in Papua New Guinea. FODE offers a variety of subjects, including mathematics, ...
Grade 10 mathematics textbook PDF download

Download Grade 10 Mathematics Textbook PDF

If you are a Grade 10 student studying through the online distance education program at FODE in Papua New Guinea, ...

Grade 9 Maths Questions and Answers Booklet PDF

Are you a Grade 9 student taking mathematics via the distance learning mode? Are you looking for resources that can ...
distance learning course units and strands

Grade 12 Maths Modular Units: Advanced and General

Students in Grade 12 continue with General Mathematics or Advanced Mathematics they streamed in Grade 11. In General Mathematics, the ...
distance learning course units and strands

Grade 11 Distance Learning Modular Units

Students in Grade 11 either study General Mathematics (Gen Maths) or Advanced Mathematics (Adv Maths). The Grade 11 distance learning ...
distance learning course units and strands

Grade 10 Mathematics Modules Distance Learning

The Grade 10 mathematics modules (also called modular strands) provided in this article are for students who are studying at a ...
distance learning course units and strands

Grade 9 Distance and Open Learning Modules

The Grade 9 distance and open learning maths modules (also called modular strands) provided in this article are for students ...
distance learning course units and strands

Grade 8 Distance Learning Strands and Sub-strands

The Grade 8 distance learning units (also called strands and sub-strands) in this article is for the Grade 8 students ...

Fode Course Outlines Resource Links

Are you a student who is looking for course outlines and resource links for your FODE (Flexible Open Distance Education) Maths courses? We provide you with links to the course outlines for Grade 8 to Grade 12 FODE Maths courses as well as downloadable course booklets.

By clicking on the link provided, you will be redirected to the course outline page where you can download a copy of the outline for yourself. These  provide a detailed overview of the content, objectives, and assessment tasks for each FODE Maths course. As a student, it is essential to have access to the course outlines to ensure that you are on track and meeting the course requirements.

In addition to the course outlines, you can also download a copy of the FODE Grade 7-12 course booklets by clicking on the link provided. These booklets provide a comprehensive overview of the Maths courses offered by FODE, including course content, assessment tasks, and learning outcomes. These booklets are an excellent resource for students who are looking to revise and consolidate their knowledge of the course material.

We hope you find these backup maths resources useful. Check out our blog for tips and guides on exam results and selections.

If you have any questions, please message in on Twitter or leave a comment below.

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