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GCSE Maths Exams Good Practises You Should Know

We take an in-depth look at how to revise and pass GCSE maths exams. The guide takes you through 5 steps – how to use past TEST and EXAM papers to actually sit the exam.

Here we summarise what the GCSE examiners expect of you. Click on the link for more information on How to Study and Pass GCSE Maths Exam.

Revise and pass GCSE maths examination
How to revise and pass the GCSE maths exam

Good practises when doing GCSE maths exam

Skim through the exam papers from the cover page to the last page and every other page in between.

The marks next to the question give you an idea about how many steps are required in the solution. Where there are 3 marks, show all the working out.

  • Cross out any mistake neatly.
  • Include the units where required.
  • Check the time every 20 or 30 minutes.
  • Work through the easy questions, do not spend too much time on the hard question.
  • Check that your answers are reasonable. If you work out the value of x, make a substitution to confirm the value is right.
  • If you have time in the end, come back to the hard question and attempt it.
  • Check and double-check every question in case you missed any before handing in your maths exam paper.
Solve Quadractic Equation - FACTORISING
Click on the image to learn how to solve quadratic equations by factorising

What exam markers are looking for

A clear and logical flow of work is an important factor as far as marking exam papers are concerned. Remember examiners are marking thousands of questions.

So, if your work is clear, logical and reasonable, the markers will have fun marking them. That means that you are likely to get full marks.

  • Show the right answer clearly.
  • Draw neat graphs and label them accurately.
  • You must strive to do the following when answering the GCSE maths exam questions.
  • Set out your work so that it is logically so that it is easy to follow and understand.

Download GCSE Maths past papers

You can download the past GCSE exam papers online. Here are some websites that many students prefer to use.

  • Maths Genie
  • Maths Watch
  • Dr Frost maths
  • Cobette Maths
  • GCSE maths in four weeks

Stationery items you will need for exams are available here: GCSE maths stationery items

Conclusion (GCSE maths exams)

Show your working out clearly and logically. Where there are 3 or more marks, do not only write the answer.

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