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Grade 10 Maths Exam Questions and Answers

We know times are hard. Schools have been struggling this year due to the intermittent closures. That is why we made this website – PNG Maths Exam Resources (MER) Website.

PNG Insight created this website to give teachers and students the opportunity to access materials – especially revision materials for Mathematics Examinations – with ease. It is a service for the community as such the resources are made available for FREE.

Users need to use their mobile phones or computers to access the open-source math resources. The website is mobile friendly and interactive, which means you can take some tests online and get the scores and feedback at the end of the test. And do the tests or download the resources as many times as you can, and at your own convenience.

Features of PNG Insight’s MER

We have some great features to enhance revisions at school or home. Some of them include:

  • Past Maths Exam Papers for Grades 8, 10 and 12 students to download.
  • Online Practice Test Questions with Answers. Feedback is also provided at the end of each test.
  • Teachers’ Mathematics resources for use as revision aids.
  • Education department Apps and Links to the on-demand webpages
  • Maths Examinations Tips and Guides for students at Grades 8, 10 and 12.

Visit the main menu and navigate throught the website – it is as easy as this.

The resources are organised to make it easy to either download exam revision resources or take an online practice test.

Latest features of MER: Maths Skill Practice Tests and Answers

There are two latest additions to the MER website.

First, the Basic Numeracy Skill Online Test/Assessment. It is a check-point of the functional math ability (math skill) of students at upper primary and lower secondary schools, Grades 5 – 8.

There are 50 multiple choice questions arranged by difficulty levels from low to moderate to high.

The test is split into 4 smaller tests – each takes less than 5 minutes to do. See it here: Online skill math revision tests

Latest features of MER: Free Download of Grade 10 Maths Exam Questions and Answers (2010 – 2014 Math Exam Qtn Compilation)

The second feature is the compilation of 2010 – 2014 Grade 10 Math Exam Questions by Unit. Free to download at your convenience.

Great for both teachers and students at Grade 10 to use as math exam revision material.

If your child, a sibling, friend or someone you know is in Grade 10 encourage them to check out the past exam papers and revision materials on this *new* website, MER.

Grade 10 Maths Exam Questions and Answers PDF

The PDF booklet (2010-2014 math exam questions and answers) is 33 pages, but quick to download because we compressed it to just 3.45 MB (from a massive 16.9 MB).

To download the Math Exam Questions and Answers PDF or Grade 10 Past Exam Papers, click here.

It is watermarked to protect the originality of the document. If you want to remove the watermark and use it in class or for other educational purposes, please email us at

Visit the Grade 12 General Math and Advanced Math pages here> GM/AM revision materials

Please do share the work or leave a comment. Enjoy!

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