Grade 10 Latest Maths Papers

The latest Grade 10 Mathematics Exam Papers are PASSWORD-PROTECTED. You’ll have to workout the answers to the maths skill problems given in the table (and also on the download page). The answers are the passwords – so workout the answers and follow the ‘format’ carefully to download the Grade 10 Maths past exam papers.

Here is a list of what you can find on this info page:

  • ‘Clue’ to the password (the maths problem)  for downloading the Grade 10 latest maths exam papers
  • ‘Blue Buttons’ are the links to the Download Pages.
  • Link for downloading Grade 10 Maths Core Units and Topics
  • Link for 2010 – 2014 Question Bank (QBank) where you can download the Grade 10 exam questions & answers Booklet (recommended)
  • Link for downloading Algebra Questions (Factorising, Substituting, Exapanding & Solving expressions and equations

As mentioned, the answers to the maths problems in the table are the passwords (all in lower cases, without spaces). The steps for downloading the Grade 10 maths papers are, also, given on the Download Page. Click on the ‘blue button’ at the bottom to go to the respective page. 

Grade 10 Maths Exam PapersPassword Clue (the answer is the password)
2021Enel was 12 years younger than Gaba. Gaba was born in 1994. What year was Enel born?
2020List the prime factors of 60. {___,___,___,___}. Use comma, no space in the answer/ password.
2019A rectangle’s length is (x+2) cm and its width is 4 cm. Write the simplified equation of the area (A).
20187:45 PM in 24-hour time is ____ .
2017Mau scored 40% in a maths test. What was Mau’s score out of 25 marks?
2016Factorise 10xy^2+52xy
2015Simplify 6(4x+5y-6z)


Q BANK: Grade 10 Exam Questions and Answers PDF

You can download the past Grade 10 exam papers here for free and without the need to use a password. Click here!

You can also donwload a full compilation of 2010 – 2014 Grade 10 Exam Questions below – click in the image. The Booklet contains questions laid out under each Grade 10 Topic and Answers. 

We also have some really good Grade 10  Algebra exam questions. Check them out. 

The Grade 10 Q Bank contains exam questions arranged by the Core Grades 9 and 10 Mathematics Units in the PNG school syllabus. We hope that this will make revision effective. The resources are made available to complement the learning resources the mathematics teachers may provide at school.

patterns and algebra

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