Grade 11 - Mathematics is the key to understanding the world around us

Grade 11

The PNG Insight Maths website provides free resources to help Grade 11 teachers and students succeed. These resources include:

  • The latest “Mathematical Literacy Grade 11 Questions and Answers PDF for 2023”
  • Assessment materials
  • Grade 11 worksheets

PNG Insight Maths Resources for Grade 11

To access the Grade 11 resources, simply click on the “links and images” of the relevant article below.

Students and teachers can download these resources to track progress, practice concepts, and prepare for exams.

Grade 11 selection Australia

How to Make Year 11 Subject Selection

Year 10 subject selection is an essential exercise if you’re planning to continue to Years 11 and 12. Your subject ...
how to find equation of slopes twp points slope formula

Find equation of straight line: points, slope, formula

This worksheet explains how to find the equation of a straight line. There are three common ways to find equation ...
distance learning course units and strands

Grade 12 Maths Modular Units: Advanced and General

Students in Grade 12 continue with General Mathematics or Advanced Mathematics they streamed in Grade 11. In General Mathematics, the ...
distance learning course units and strands

Grade 11 Distance Learning Modular Units

Students in Grade 11 either study General Mathematics (Gen Maths) or Advanced Mathematics (Adv Maths). The Grade 11 distance learning ...
study for an exma guide

How to study for an exam (timetable, resources, and revision)

In this post, we provide tips on how to study for an exam. The study tips are tried and tested ...
maths mastery approach

Maths Mastery Approach in Schools UK, Singapore & PNG

Researchers in the article compared mathematics ‘teaching methods’ in the United Kingdom to the Singaporean method. The mastery approach to ...
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