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General Mathematics Topics and Study Guide – Grade 12

The Grade 12 mathematics study guide is a summary of the mathematics topics students study in Grades 11 and 12. The list of topics neatly picked from the General Mathematics School Syllabus for students to use when revising for the exam. Download the editable MS Doc and create a study outline from the list of topics is a great way to revise for the General Mathematics Exam.

Grade 11 and 12 General Mathematics Revision Topics

PNG Insight understands that the students, parents, and guardians will have difficulty reading and understanding the General Mathematics Syllabus and Teachers Guide. That is why we list the core contents in the Grade 12 Mathematics Revision Guide to put in perspective the General Mathematics topics that students learn at senior secondary school, Grades 11 and 12.

Key Points: General Mathematics Revision Guide

Covering the content units is fundamental to students achieving good marks in Grade 12 Mathematics assessments and end-of-the-year examinations. Here are three pointers about the use of the mathematics study guide for grade 12. The topics are neatly picked from the General Mathematics Upper Secondary School Syllabus (Grades 11 and 12).

Understandably, the General Mathematics topics form the basis of classroom teachings and assessments. As such it is important for students to use the topics as guides when revising for major mathematics examinations.

The new and experienced General Mathematics teachers at Grade 11 and 12 levels should (and must) cover the topics in-depth and at greater length. Where there are GAPS in learning, students can use their initiatives to learn. Therefore, this guide will help students to identify topics of interests and revise accordingly.

Download Grade 12 Mathematics Study Guide

Note that the outline of this study guide correlates to the General Mathematics Examination questions, both past and present. Refer to the link at the end of this article to download the PDF version of the Grade 12 General Mathematics Study Guide, Upper Secondary School GM Syllabus and the Teachers Guide.

As mentioned earlier, the Grade 12 Mathematics Study Guide, is a collection of the compulsory Units/Topics in Grades 11 to 12 coursework. The intent is to help students know about what they are studying at these levels and guide to planning their mathematics revisions.
You can download the editable version of the study guide now:
-Click here >> (Download Grade 12 Mathematics Study Guide WORD DOC)

The Upper Secondary School (General Mathematics Syllabus) and Teachers Guide is available here in PDF for download,

Grades 8 and 10 Exam Revision Guides

We also produce similar Exam Revision Guides for Grades 8, 10 and 12 (Advanced Mathematics). Check out the ‘Exam Study Guide’ menu above if you want to download the editable version or click here for more info.

The online version of the Grade 12 General Mathematics Exam Revision Guides layout is at the bottom.

Outline: Grade 12 Mathematics Study Guide

There are five (5) Grade 11 Core Content Areas and five in Grade 12. Note that Money 1 and Money 2 are the main content areas covered extensively both in Grades 11 and 12. The last unit in Grade 12 correlates to UNIT 11.4 in Grade 11.

1) 11.1. Number and Application
1.1) Basic numeracy
1.2) Units of measurement
1.3) Ratio and proportion
1.4) Basic algebra

2) 11.2. Managing Money 1
2.1) Earnings and spending
2.2) Budgeting and loans

3) 11.3. Statistics
3.1) Exploring data
3.2) Analysis of data
3.3) *Probability

4) 11.4. Geometry
4.1) Lines, angles, triangles and regular polygons
4.2) Geometric construction
4.3) Circles

5) 11.5 Trigonometry
5.1) Trigonometry
5.2) Vectors

6) 12.1. Measurements
6.1) Scales and dimensions
6.2) Survey

7) 12.2. Managing Money 2
7.1) Interest and inflation
7.2) Consumer credit
7.3) Investments
7.4) Insurance
7.5) Using simple algebraic manipulation of financial formulae

8) 12.3. Probability and statistics
8.1) Probability
8.2) Correlation and regression

9) 12.4. Algebra and Graphs
9.1) Equations

10) 12.5. Applying Geometry in PNG Arts
10.1) Tessellations and polyhedral
*Grade 11 Unit 11.4 Geometric Constructions for related classroom content or exam questions


  • Students can use the outline to COMPILE revision questions for the GRADE 12 GENERAL MATHEMATICS EXAM
  • Teachers can use this outline with the Grade 12 GM Upper Secondary School SYLLABUS AND TEACHERS’ GUIDES
  • Download the Editable Version – see link in the article.

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