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Grade 12 Advanced Maths Exam Papers

Advanced Maths Exams Papers (2015 – Latest)

The latest Advanced Mathematics Past exam papers (2015 – latest) are PASSWORD-PROTECTED. PNG Insight will release the password at the right time. That is when the Advanced mathematics topics are covered in class by your teachers.

We will list the password for accessing the Grades 12, 10 and 8 past maths exam paper in the table below. So bookmark this page on your web browser or share it on your social media profile and check back in June/July.

Status Update Table 

Past Maths PapersPassword Link
Grade 8Primary School Grade 8 Maths Exam Papers
Grade 10High School Grade 10 Maths Exam Papers
Grade 12Secondary School Grade 12 Exam Papers (AM/GM)

You can access the 2009 – 2014 maths papers now.

Old Advanced Higher Maths Papers

The old papers from 2014 back do not require a password to download. Click on the links and get them straight away.








Check out the other past papers here

The Grade 12 Advanced Maths Examinations has two papers

Advanced Maths Paper 1 has two parts and carries 50 marks

  • Part A: Multiple Choice Questions (30 Questions 1 Mark each)
  • Part B: Short Answer Questions (20 Marks 1 Mark each)

Advanced Maths Paper 2 is worth 50 marks

AM P2 has 10 questions each question worths 5 marks.

The Grade 12 exam papers in this resource page are also available in schools but made available here as an online copy for the Grade 12 students and teachers.

The exam papers are a good resource for the students to use when preparing for the Upper Secondary School Certificate Examination (USSCE) in Advanced Mathematics.

Preparing for Grade 12 Advanced Maths Exam

Revising the past Grade 12 Advanced maths exam papers is a great way to prepare for the Grade 12 senior mathematics examinations.

The Mock Exam, guided questions from teachers and other preparations are necessary. Preparing by doing the exam questions from past papers is a great preparation method, especially for students who have difficulty with higher secondary maths concepts.

Download Latest Advanced Maths past exam papers

The Advanced Maths past exam papers (pdf for download) in this resource page are from the previous years (2009 – 2020) Grade 12 students have sat for. The Advanced Math papers are a good practice-resources for the present Grade 12 students, preparing for the Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination (HSSCE) in Mathematics.

The Advanced maths exam papers and answer sheets are downloadable in PDF. Note the PDF file are less than 500 kb and can be downloaded onto your device.

Click on the links provided to find out how to download the LATEST AM exam papers.

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