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Grade 7

The PNG Insight Maths website provides free resources to help Grade 7 teachers and students succeed. These resources include assessment materials, Grade 7 worksheets, and the SBC curriculum PDF.

To access the Grade 7 resources, simply click on the links or images. Students from mainstream schools and FODE can use these resources to their benefit.

For Grade 7 teachers, the PNG Insight Maths resources can be used in a variety of ways to help your students succeed. For example, you can use the assessment materials to track your student’s progress, the worksheets to supplement your lessons, and the SBC curriculum PDF to plan your lessons.

PNG Insight Maths Resources for Grade 7

FODE Education

Download FODE Education Grade 7 Course Booklet PDF

FODE Education offers distance learning programs to students in Papua New Guinea. FODE offers a variety of subjects, including mathematics, ...
share money in the ration 1 : 4

Year 7 maths worksheets and test papers with answers

If you’re a student from the UK or Australia, you’ll find the Year 7 maths worksheets and test papers with ...
convert improper fractions to mixed numbers

Convert Improper Fraction to Mixed Number

In this practice worksheet, we take a look at 10 common mixed numbers and 10 common improper fractions and how ...
addings and subtracting fractions with the same denominators

Adding and subtracting fractions worksheets

Adding fractions with the same denominators is a Number concept that teachers introduce to students earlier in primary schools. In ...
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