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Grade 7 Distance Learning Units and Topics

This course outline is for the Grade 7 students who are studying at a FODE (Flexible, Open and Distance Education) in the provincial centres. The description gives an overview of the courses at FODE and points you in the right direction to get the much-needed course materials.

Grade 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 FODE students, see the links for more information.

How to Study the Grade 7 Mathematics Course at FODE

In Grade 7 Mathematics there are 6 material aids or book to help you study for the whole year. Each book corresponds to one of the six strands (and further broken down to sub-strands). The general guide to Grade 7 Distance Learning main content areas are listed below.

Strand 1: Number and Application

  • fractions
  • decimals
  • percentages
  • ratios and rates

Strand 2: Space and Shapes

  • angles
  • shapes
  • nets
  • tessellation

Strand 3: Measurements (1)

  • length
  • area
  • volume and capacity
  • estimation

Strand 4: Measurements (2)

  • weights
  • temperature
  • time
  • directions

Strand 5: Chance and Data

  • statistical data
  • sets
  • chance and probability
  • error and accuracy

Strand 6: Patterns and Algebra

  • number patterns
  • directed numbers
  • indices
  • algebra

Grade 7 Maths units Vs mainstream school units

There is no major difference between the mathematics topics inscribed in the syllabus as far as the mainstream schools and distance learning institutions are concerned.

The main difference is that the main schools have teachers there 2-4-7, all the time to teach and guide the students. Whereas, distance learning such as the FODE concept is self-paced learning.

The main syllabus topic for Grade 7 – 8 in mainstream schools can be found here.

Grade 8 mathemamtics study guide

Grade 7 Distance learning courses: strands and sub-strands

In the FODE course booklet, each strand is divided into 4 sub-strands and each sub-strand consists of 5 to 7 lessons. For example, in Grade 7 Strand 1 is Number and Application; it has 4 subs-strands; and 7 lessons.

  • In the coursebook, the students will find the
  • Exercises,
  • Practice Questions, and
  • a Summary of Lessons.

Note that the answers to the Practice Questions are usually given at the end of the main strand.

How to submit Grade 7 distance learning assignments

Each strand has one assignment. For the 6 strands in the Grade 7 FODE course, students will do 6 assignments. Here is FODE’s expectation:

You will study Strand 1 and do Assignment 1 at the same time. Then you will study Strand 2 and do Assignment 2 at the same time, and so on up to Strand 6 and Assignment 6.

When you have completed your assignment for each strand, you must submit it immediately for marking. In fact, FODE is flexible about when to submit your completed assignment. But as a self-paced student, you should aim to complete your work and submit it promptly to your study centre for marking.

Students who are studying at a Registered Study Centre must give their completed Assignments to their Supervisor for marking. Other students who study at home or in the provinces must send their completed assignments to their Provincial Study Centres for marking.

The study centres are also where students follow up on their assessment marks.

Grade 7 Mathematics Questions and Answers

Students who wish to get practise maths questions and answers can download them now. The questions are from the Grade 8 past exam papers. Though the papers are from the mainstream schools, they are also the best questions to practise for your mathematics examination at the end of Grade 8.

We encourage you to download them and practice them at your own time. Leave a comment below if you need help.

The latest Grade 8 mathematics exam papers are password-protected. We will release them password before the Grade 8 mathematics examination. Check them out here.

FODE Application and Enrollment Information

We compiled some information about application and enrollment for distance education at FODE. The article contains specific details about how to apply, and provide further information on Grades 7 – 10 course programs. Click here.

The information is for those students who are starting as new students. So, if you have enrolled, you can use the resources we provide here for study and revisions purposes.

We hope you find this resource useful as you strive to get the education you deserve. PNG Insight Mathematics is an independent website. We do not represent the Department of Education or FODE. We provide the resource here as learning guides only.

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