Grade 10 revision guide exam modules

Grade 10 Maths Exam Revision Guide and Study Modules

The Lower Secondary School Mathematics Syllabus and Teachers’ Guides are for teachers to plan their teaching programs. They can do that easily because they are trained and know what to do. For students, it can be daunting. The Grade 10 Maths Exam Revision Guide s(download editable MS word file, link below) is to make it easy for students to know what they are learning. The guide is a list of the mathematics topics students study in Grades 9 and 10.

Grades 9 and 10 Math Revision Modules/Topics

It is perhaps important to note that the cores units and topics in this Grade 10 Maths revision guide are taken from the Outcome-Based Education school syllabus for lower secondary school. As mentioned earlier, the students, parents/guardians will have difficulty trying to understand the syllabus. And know the ‘exact’ topics and units that the children learn over the course of two years, Grades 9 -10.

That is why we list the core contents in the Grade 10 Mathematics Revision Guide to make it understandable and put in perspective the topics that are taught in Grades 9 and 10.

Get your copy – Download Grade 10 Maths Exam Revision Guide (WORD DOC)

Outline: Grade 10 Maths Exam Revision Guide

Grade 10 Core Contents & Focus units: Here is the outline of the Grade Lower Secondary School Syllabus content. Refer to the link above to download the editable MS Word document. There are 4 core units in Grade 9 and 3 in Grade 10.

1) 9.1. Mathematics in Our Community
1.1) Number and operations
1.2) Ratio and percentage
1.3) Rates
1.4) Money
1.5) Measurement
1.6) Data

2) 9.2. Patterns of Change
2.1) *Directed numbers
2.2) *Indices
2.3) Equations

3) 9.3. Working with Data
3.1) Recording data
3.2) Sorting and organising data
3.3) Measures of central tendency and spread
3.4) Misleading Statistical Graphs
3.5) Experimental probabilities
3.6) Probabilities based on symmetry

4) 9.4. Design in 2D & 3D Geometry
4.1) Properties of plane figures
4.2) Angles and lines (include lines of symmetry)
4.3) Surface area and volume

5) 10.1. Managing Money
5.1) Percentages and money
5.2) Spending money
5.3) Saving money
5.4) Borrowing money
5.5) Earning money

6) 10.2. Functions and Graphs
6.1) *Directed number (Revision)
6.2) *Indices (Revision)
6.3) Scientific notation
6.4) Basic Algebra
6.5) Graphs

10.3. Trigonometric Applications
7.1) Triangle properties and terminology
7.2) Similar triangles
7.3) Pythagoras theorem
7.4) Introduction to trigonometric ratios
7.5) Solving right triangles using trigonometry

Grade 10 Maths Exam Revision Guide

Covering the content units is fundamental to students achieving good marks in Grade 10 Mathematics assessments and end-of-the-year examinations. Here are the key reasonings about the Grade 10 Mathematics Study Guide you should know before downloading the guide:

  • The outline is based on the 2005 (published) Grade 10 Syllabus under the OBE curriculum.
  • The teaching and learning outline is the list of Mathematics topics. It forms the structure that supports teaching (TEACHERS), learning (STUDENTS), Assessments (SCHOOL-BASED) and Examinations (NATIONWIDE ASSESSMENTS).
  • It is the ‘skeletal’ structure, and therefore new and experienced Maths teachers at Grades 9 and 10 levels should cover those topics in depth.
  • Teaching the content well at Grades 9 & 10 levels closes the ‘GAP’ and paves way for students to master senior school mathematics with ease.
  • Covering the content units is fundamental to students achieving good marks in Grade 10 Mathematics assessments and end-of-the-year Mathematics examination.

Download Grade 10 Maths Exam Revision Guide

In this Grade 10 Maths Exam Revision Guide, we lay out the compulsory units in Grades 9 to 10 coursework. Again, the intent is to help students know about the Maths contents covered at Grades 9 and 10. In prep for the national examinations, the Grade 10 students can use the math guide to plan their mathematics revisions.

The maths exam revision guide is a document to help Grade 10 students identify (and confirm) what they are learning in the classroom. It can also be a good guide for arranging exam questions like what we did for Grade 10s here (Grade 10 mathematics revision questions and answers arranged by Core Contents and Unit of Study).

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