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Grade 9

The PNG Insight Maths website provides free resources to help Grade 9 students succeed in maths, including test questions and answers, worksheets, and test topics.

To access the Grade 9 resources, simply click on the “Grade 9” articles below.

Students can use the PNG Insight Maths resources to track their progress, practice key concepts, and prepare for exams.

PNG Insight Maths Resources for Grade 9 Students

FInd the probability of a fair dice rolled once, twice...

Two Dice Are Thrown Simultaneously: Questions and Answers

Explore the fascinating world of probability and dice as we delve into different scenarios, calculating the probability of getting specific ...

Grade 9 Maths Questions and Answers Booklet PDF

Are you a Grade 9 student taking mathematics via the distance learning mode? Are you looking for resources that can ...
Year 9 maths free worksheets for all units UK, NZ, Australia, Canada

Free Year 9 Maths Worksheets for all Units

PNG Insight Mathematics Examinations Resources is a free secondary school maths website for online learners, home learners, tutors and teachers ...
Grade 10 Maths Exam Paper

GCSE Basic Algebra Questions

There are four basic parts in GCSE algebra that you should know when revising for the maths papers. They are: ...
Revise and pass GCSE maths examination

GCSE maths revision power tips for passing exams

The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) mathematics examinations in the UK is challenging. Students often find the questions confronting ...
share money in the ration 1 : 4

How Can I Work Out Ratio, Fraction and Pecentage

The ratio shows how parts of a whole quantity are shared. In this worksheet, we’ll look at the ratio of ...
convert improper fractions to mixed numbers

Convert Improper Fraction to Mixed Number

In this practice worksheet, we take a look at 10 common mixed numbers and 10 common improper fractions and how ...
distance learning course units and strands

Grade 9 Distance and Open Learning Modules

The Grade 9 distance and open learning maths modules (also called modular strands) provided in this article are for students ...
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