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Grade 8 Maths Latest Exam Papers

The latest Grade 8 Mathematics Exam Papers are PASSWORD-PROTECTED. Work out the answers to the maths skill questions below. The answers are the passwords. The answer/password DO NOT have SPACES. Enter the password as one word.

The maths questions are given in the table and also on the Download Page (follow the ‘blue button’ to download page).

You are in luck. The passwords for 2015 and 2016 papers  are listed for you.

How to get the passwords 2017 – 2020 Grade 8 Exam Papers

The passwords for 2017 to the latest (previous) year papers require a password. Here are steps for getting the Grade 8 maths papers 2017 – latest inclusion.

  1. Work out the answers to the maths skill questions;
  2. Click on the blue button to go to the Download Page;
  3. Submit the answers as passwords; and
  4. Download the exam papers.

YearPassword (2017 - 2020: Work out the answers to the questions. The answers are the PASSWORDS)
2021Dinima is 13 years younger than Gaba. Dinima was born in 2000, what year was Gaba born?
2020A square's side length is (x+2) cm. Write the simplified equation for the area (A) of the square?
2019Gola invests K2,000.00 at 10% simple interest. What is the value of his investment after 2 years?
2018The length of a rectangle is (x+5) cm, and its width is 2x cm. Work out the equation for the PERIMETER of the rectangle. (Must be in simplest form and also as an equation)
2017Write 1.257x10^-5 as a decimal. (^ means 'to the power')

Access the latest paper, click on the blue button/year

The blue buttons/years are the links to the, respective, download pages. At the download page, submit the password and get the Grade 8 exam papers. If you have problems, contact us via Twitter or leave a comment and we will get back to you.
(Note: the questions and steps for downloading the exam papers are also found at the Download Page, click on the blue buttons to see more)








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