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FODE Grade 8 Exam Papers Course Booklet

For Grade 8 students pursuing distance learning courses with FODE Education, having access to past exam papers, course booklet and outline is essential. This article aims to provide FODE Grade 8 students with information about the mathematics curriculum, core units/strands, and material aids available for their studies. Maths Resources for Grade 8 Distance Learning The […]

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Year 8 Maths Test Papers with Answers PDF

If you’re a Year 8 student in the UK or Australia, you’ll find these revision maths test papers with answers PDF useful. See below how to download the free Year 8 maths test paper with answers PDF, but first here are some important points to consider when you are revising for your maths tests. What […]

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Grade 8 Distance Learning Strands and Sub-strands

The Grade 8 distance learning units (also called strands and sub-strands) in this article is for the Grade 8 students who are studying at a FODE (Flexible, Open and Distance Education) in the provincial centres. We simplify the main mathematics topics to make revision easier when planning and preparing for the Grade 8 mathematics examination. […]

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How to study for an exam (timetable, resources, and revision)

In this post, we provide tips on how to study for an exam. The study tips are tried and tested tips and based on the writer’s experience as math student, teacher and examiner. The tips will help you to ace your Grades 12, 10 and 8 examinations at the end of the year. In this […]

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Algebra Exam Questions in Order of Difficulty

Algebra Exam Questions: Below is a collection of General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) algebra exam questions. Students can use the questions as practise for exams. The Algebra exam questions are arranged in order of difficulty, from easy (I) to hard (IV). Check out the links to download the papers. Each PDF contains exam questions […]

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