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Year 10 Maths Mock Exam Papers

Having a crack at the past paper questions is a good way to prepare for the mock exams, but where can you get the maths mock exam papers and questions?

In this article, you’ll find out where to get them for revision.

How to get the Year 10 Maths Mock Papers?

The Year 10 mock exam papers have a mixture of past and new questions with similar marking schemes and question structures.

So, to prepare for your exam this year, the 3 suggestions below will help you to find the previous year’s maths mock exam papers.

Year 10 Maths Mock Exam Papers PDF (1)

This maths resource website has a 10-year collection of year 10 maths past exam papers in PDF, which you can download for free.

No need to submit your email or create an account or anything.

However, the maths exam papers from the last 5 years are password protected.

To download the latest maths mock exam paper, you must solve the maths clue. The answer is going to be your password. Check out the Download Page for the clue and details on how to download the Year 10 maths mock exam papers with answers.

If you want some free maths exam papers with mock questions and answers (without password), check out these old exam papers for Year 10. There are lots of maths resources that you can use to prepare for your mock examinations.

If you do not find what you are looking for, email us or leave a comment and we’ll help where we can.

Year 10 Maths Mock Exam Questions with answers PDF (2)

Year 10 Mock Exam Questions
Download using the link highlighted.

The PDF document (linked) is a comprehensive collection of Year 10 maths exam questions with answers. Highly recommended if you want a free resource to help you revise for your maths exams.

Download (PDF) Year 10 Maths Exam Questions and Answers.

It is a private collection of over 5 years of Year 10 exam questions and answer booklet. We are giving it out to a select number of students, so make sure you be the first to get it. Here are some useful links:

Year 10 Maths Mock Exam Papers – Past Exams (3)

Some websites provide useful questions for Year 10 students. We like the following websites where you can get additional maths mock questions. You might want to check them out if you feel that you need more practice.

  1. CGP Books
  2. BBC Bitesize
  3. Maths Made Easy
  4. The Student Room
  5. Maths Exam Resources

How to use Year 10 past questions when revising for mock exams

Many revision guides recommend using your classroom test papers for revision. That means that you must keep your topic test papers (including the mid-term and end-of-the-term maths tests) and retrieve them for revision.

In fact, the test papers are ideal revision materials because they are set according to the content covered in the class. This makes it logical to use them to review the maths content by topic in preparation for the mock exam.

If you misplace your test papers, this will not work for you.

5 ways to revise for maths mock exam

If you have your Year 10 maths test papers, here is what you can do.

  1. Take a look at the maths test questions.
  2. Identify the challenging questions.
  3. Research how to solve the questions (get help if needed)
  4. Solve the questions.

Go through all the past maths test papers and apply the 4 steps. Check out the Study Guides and Resources for GCSE students.

Revise and pass GCSE maths examination
How to revise and pass the GCSE maths exam

When are the Year 10 Maths Mock Exams?

Information about the Year 10 GCSE Maths Mock Exam and the other subjects will be available on your school’s website.

If you need help, the best people to ask are your teachers. They’ll know exactly when the mock exam starts and the schedule for each subject. So, speak to them and ask for the timetable in advance if you do not have them yet.

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