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Year 8 maths worksheets PDF with Answers

At MER, we compile the Year 8 maths worksheets PDF based on the units (and classroom learning targets) for secondary school children. A superb collection of maths worksheets for secondary school children in year 8 (aged 12-13). Our mathematics resources are perfect for additional home learning and are excellent Year 8 end-of-the-year tests.

Free Year 8 maths worksheets PDF download

The Year 8 maths worksheets contain questions arranged by units. In each worksheet, there is a set of questions that address the learning targets.

There are three parts to the worksheet – questions, answers and checklist.

  • Do the questions,
  • check the answers, and
  • confirm your achievements against the learning targets.

This is probably the most powerful way to revise for the end-of-the-year test – practice questions, confirm the answers and check against the classroom learning targets.

Some questions may have more than one way to solve them, yet you should have the same answers.

Year 8 Maths Worksheets - Download ALL

1) Free Year 8 Maths Worksheet Proportionality 2) Year 8 Straight Line Graphs Revision Worksheet3) Year 8 area and circumference of circle worksheet
4) Forming and Solving Simultaneous Equations Year 8 Worksheet 5) Year 8 Pythagoras’ Theorem Revision Worksheet 6) Year 8 Volume and Surface Area of Cylinders Worksheet
7) Year 8 Algebra Worksheet Factorising and Solving Quadratic Equation8) Year 8 Trigonometry Worksheet – Questions and Answers9) Year 8 Maths Worksheet Transformations of Objects
10) Year 8 Maths Revision Worksheet Congruence and Similarity11) Year 8 Revision Worksheet – Probability and Sample Space
11 worksheets with Questions & Answers for Year 8 students, teachers and home learners. Download them for free.

How to use the Year 8 maths revision resources?

The maths content that teachers cover in the first year of high and secondary schools may differ slightly depending on your country’s (UK, Australia and PNG) maths curriculum.

So, use the content outline – we call it Year 8 revision list – to get what is relevant to your maths requirement.

In hindsight, if you downloaded the worksheets and attempted the revision questions, you CAN apply the learning targets in the tests and exams.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the PNG Insight Maths resources creator at

How to download Year 8 maths worksheets PDF

There are eleven worksheets for Year 8 students, each addressing the units in the first year of secondary school.

The worksheets take time and effort to put together. We encourage you to get what you need.

Here is how to download the worksheets:

  1. Work out the password while you are here. The ‘password’ is the answer to the question: ”HOW MANY YEAR 8 WORKSHEETS ARE LISTED HERE?”
  2. Go to the Year 8 ‘revision list’ below.
  3. Click on the ‘blue link’ (this will take you to the Download Page).
  4. There, enter the password from step 1.
  5. Follow the prompt.
  6. Download the worksheet.

That’s it!

Year 8 revision list [11 free Year 8 maths worksheets PDF]

This is what you get – a selection of Year 8 maths questions and answers that address the core units and learning targets at Year 8.

There are 11 worksheets you can get for free.

Year 8 Revision Learning Target List

  1. Proportionality

  • use tables to represent direct proportion
  • use equations to represent direct proportion
  • use graphs to represent direct proportion
  • solve problems involving direct proportion

Download Proportionality Worksheet, PDF

  1. Forming and solving simultaneous equations

  • find the equations of horizontal and vertical lines
  • draw graphs of linear equations
  • understand that the point of intersection is the solution for a pair of simultaneous equations
  • solve simultaneous equations using graphical method
  • solve simultaneous equations using substitution and elimination

Get the Forming and solving simultaneous equations Worksheet, PDF

  1. Factorising and solving quadratic equations

  • understand the definition of quadratic expression
  • add and subtract quadratic expressions
  • expand and simplify quadratic expressions
  • understand the meaning of factorisation
  • factorise quadratic expressions
  • solve quadratic equations by factorising
  • solve problems by setting up quadratic equations

Download Worksheet: Forming and solving simultaneous equations

  1. Congruence and similarity

  • understand the definition of congruence and similarity
  • understand and can use the geometrical properties that similar figures have corresponding lengths in the same ratio but corresponding angles remain unchanged
  • use areas and volumes of similar figures in solving problems

Congruence and similarity Worksheet, PDF

  1. Straight-line graphs (Year 8 maths worksheets PDF)

  • draw the graph of a linear function by finding a table of values
  • find the gradient and y-intercept of a straight line
  • understand that parallel lines have the same gradient and find the equation of the line
  • write down the equation of a straight line as y=mx+c
  • determine the coordinates of the midpoint of a line segment, given the coordinates of the endpoints

Download Worksheet: Straight-line graphs

  1. Area and circumference of circles

  • name different parts of a circle
  • find the circumference of a circle given radius or diameter
  • find the radius or diameter given the circumference of a circle
  • understand how to find the area of circles
  • know how to find the radius given the area of circles
  • find the perimeter and area of composite shapes with circles

Area and circumference of circles Worksheet, PDF

  1. Volume and surface area of cylinders

  • find the volume of cylinder
  • find the surface area of cylinder
  • find the volume of all right prisms
  • convert between units of area and volume within the metric system

Download Worksheet: Volume and surface area of cylinders

  1. Pythagoras Theorem (Year 8 maths worksheets PDF)

  • identify the hypotenuse in a right-angled triangle
  • use Pythagoras’ Theorem to solve problems

Phythagoras’ Theorem Download Worksheet

  1. Transformations of Shapes

  • identify transformations and fully describe them
  • rotate a shape through a given angle about a given centre
  • reflect a shape in a given mirror line
  • translate a shape with a given vector
  • enlarge a shape using the centre and the scale factor

Download Worksheet: Transformations of Shapes

  1. Trigonometry (Year 8 maths worksheets PDF)

  • understand that trigonometry is the study of the relationships between the angles and sides
  • distinguish opposite, adjacent and hypotenuse in a right-angled triangle
  • apply different trigonometric ratios to solve problems

Trigonometry Download Worksheet

  1. Probability and sample space

  • understand that probability is a measure of chance
  • list the sample space of a probability experiment
  • find the probability of a single event
  • calculate the probability of the complement of an event happening
  • use the addition rule of probability for mutually exclusive events

Download Worksheet: Probability and sample space

Summary (Quality Year 8 Maths Worksheets PDF)

Get the Year 8 Maths Worksheets PDF for free. There are 11 well-drafted worksheets with questions and answers, perfect for additional home learning and end-of-the-year test revision.

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